Why even more women should climb

“Boys climb trees and girls play with dolls” – that’s how you often hear it in childhood. Climbing continues: “Witchcraft” – a climbing route in Franconian Switzerland – is supposedly “just” a “pure women’s tour”. In bouldering halls, too, a distinction is made between a female and a male approach. But when it comes to solving problems on the wall, there is often the “girl version” with the bigger handles. All just clichés and prejudices – don’t they annoy you too, ladies?

It is clear that climbing was a male-dominated sport in the beginning. There were few women who climbed, and those who did were laughed at wearily. Fortunately, despite the widespread clichés in some places, things are different nowadays. In the meantime, women work their way as leaders along the steepest big walls and show what they can do on the wall.

It is women like Anna Wenzel and Melanie (Melle) Beukert who have contributed to the fact that more and more women are interested in climbing. We took the chance and asked them personally why every woman should climb:

As the initiators of the first official climbing and bouldering festival only for women, the FELSHELDINNEN FESTIVAL , on International Women’s Day you are creating a place where women in particular can meet of the climbing scene to network with one another, to motivate one another and to be able to exchange ideas about climbing and bouldering.

How did you come up with the idea for the FELSHELDINNEN FESTIVAL?


I got the idea about 2 years ago when I heard a podcast about the Women’s Bouldering Festival in Fontainebleau. The concept “ bouldering and climbing exclusively with women for a day” inspired me. very addressed. My first thought was: “Why doesn’t it exist in Germany yet, and especially in Berlin, where the climbing scene is growing so rapidly?”

Why do you think women need their own climbing and bouldering festival?

Although the indoor climbing community in Berlin has now grown very large and there are now almost as many women as men in the bouldering and climbing halls, I believe that many women find it easier to move out of their comfort zone when they are among themselves.


In my opinion, it is an asset to make women more independent and self-confident. Our program around the festival includes climbing-specific and experimental workshops on bouldering, rope climbing, training (mental and physical) and health.

This creates the necessary framework in which women can concentrate exclusively on the workout and exclude gender-specific issues.

Why do you think many more women should climb?


For me personally, bouldering and climbing are more than just a sport. It is my great passion. The social aspect of climbing plays a big role for me. Most of the time you meet nice, social, friendly and open people while climbing. It is very easy to make new friends – mostly from everywhere and from all social classes. Climbing is fun and that goes for everyone, man and woman!


For me, bouldering means reducing stress and a quick energy kick at the same time. Bouldering is the perfect balance in stressful times. For me, climbing is like meditating in motion. On the wall or on the rock in nature, I can concentrate completely on myself, my body and the movements. I don’t think about anything other than the next hold, the next step, the next pull. To be able to climb a wall or a rock with my body alone is a great empowering feeling. To do it on my own initiative boosts my self-confidence enormously. I think other women should be able to do that too.

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You see: the female sex is very involved in and for climbing and has caught up well in recent years in terms of performance and know-how. So for you, ladies, there are a few more reasons to storm into the next bouldering hall this evening. Bouldering is a lot of fun from the very first moment and is also a perfect full-body workout. Even if the sore muscles after the first climbing session can be enormous: Most of them have so much fun that they come back and always want to get better.

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