Sit Ups, Lunges and Co. – that’s how you train properly!

Do you feel pain in doing lunges, squats, push ups or crunches? Do you have pain in your lower back, wrists, or knees after exercising? Many of us feel like this: The movement sequences are still strange and insecure, there is a lack of body tension and coordination. Unfortunately, this very often leads to improper execution and the associated problems.

We asked sports scientist and personal trainer Zimo Tam from the “Fitness Agnony” blog how you can avoid the typical mistakes and start your training at home safely and free of symptoms.

Why the correct execution of movements is important

The quality of your movement is crucial for your training success . Half or incorrect movements only lead to the fact that you hardly or make any progress .

In the worst case, incorrect execution can lead to injuries to muscles , cartilage, tendons or ligaments . Beginners in particular should first focus on learning proper technique before they begin increasing weight and repetitions.

If you already have a few years of experience in training, you will not injure yourself from one wrong movement. But even here, incorrect movements can quickly lead to irritation and inflammation .

By the way: With a clean technique, more muscles are tensed overall. This also burns more calories on the side.

What to look out for

In every exercise, the quality of the movement should be before the number of repetitions . This means that you perform the movement slowly and in a controlled manner . You should also use a large radius of motion as possible so that your muscles learn to build up strength from every position.

This ensures in the long term that your muscle is properly beautifully brought into shape and your joints are better stabilized , because even in the end position muscle tension can still be built up. By the way, you get better body tension and a stronger body feeling .


The lungs are also a very good exercise for the entire lower body. The further you do the lunge, the more this exercise leads to a stretching and opening of your thighs and hips at the same time.

You should pay attention to this:

Find a place with a non-slip surface. Start in a stable stance. Take a long lunge forward so that your front and rear knee joints form a right angle.

Lower your back knee so low that it is standing just before the floor is coming. During exercise, it is easy for your knee to hit the ground. In order to avoid subsequent knee pain, you can also place a pillow in the appropriate place.

The upper body remains upright during the entire execution. To do this, tense your stomach and back and stretch your chest out.

Push Ups

Push ups are the perfect bodyweight exercise for the entire upper body . Performed correctly, you not only train your chest , but at the same time also your arms (focus on the triceps), shoulders , back and stomach .

It is currently very trendy to define the “perfect” push-up. There are a few things that are worth paying attention to so that you can build up body tension and train as many muscles as possible.

You should pay attention to this:

Your hand position is variable : As a beginner your hands should be height your shoulders so that the load on your shoulder joint remains low. The further you place your hands apart , the stronger you train yours Chest muscles .

If you place your hands closer to your body or directly next to each other, you train your triceps more. When you position your hands close together, your elbows should be pointing toward you show your feet , as this is gentler on the wrist and shoulder joint.

Core tension is required so that the Push Up really becomes a full-body exercise. Tension consciously stomach and bottom . This also prevents your back from sagging when you push up. Your body should form a straight line overall.


The crunch is often confused with the sit up . The crunch is actually the preliminary exercise for the sit up. However, that doesn’t mean that crunch is an exercise for beginners only. When done correctly, the abdominal muscles are trained very isolated and concentrated .

You should pay attention to this:

Lie on the floor and put your legs up so that a right angle forms in your knee joints . Lift your head slightly off the floor and place your hands on your chest (this way you are less tempted to work with swing out of your arms) .

Now tense consciously your stomach and lift your upper body slightly off the floor . The entire movement is only a few centimeters , but is perfect for activating your abdominal muscles in a targeted manner.

Let’s go! Now you know from Zimo Tam how to avoid the most common execution mistakes and how to perform the exercises optimally.

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