6 activities to get you through the winter

This week we took a close look at various activities that not only lift your mood, but also catapult you directly into another dimension of happiness. Let’s be honest: don’t we all need a little motivational aid to get through the winter final spurt until spring?

Even if the days are gradually getting longer and now and then the first rays of sun break through the dreary gray, it feels like it still takes a little eternity until we finally feel spring fever. No matter how cold and rainy it is outside, exercising can help you lighten your mood. After training, we usually feel happier and more free. So to get you out of your winter doldrums, here are some activities that will make you feel great in any weather – especially this one:

1. Play padel

Padel is the second most popular sport in Spain after football. The game of rackets has slowly established itself all over Europe. If you try it out, you will immediately notice why: Padel is derived from tennis and is usually played by four people. The clubs are relatively large, so a satisfying THWACK can be heard as soon as you hit the ball. The rules are easy to learn. We think padel is so popular because of its social aspect: meeting friends for a game is a great reason to get out of the house and have fun. You will definitely forget your winter blues.

2. Go hiking

Admittedly: There are definitely other ways to spend the dingy days than hiking through the area. At first glance it doesn’t look like a typical Urban Sports Club activity, but we actually have several partners in our repertoire who offer guided hikes. Hiking in nature, for example, on sunny winter days is a perfect opportunity to work out in the fresh air alone or together. After that, cuddled up on the sofa at home, you have certainly earned a Netflix marathon.

3. Jump into spring

In January last year, some members of the Urban Sports Club team visited the jumping area in the south of Berlin. A backflip was on the training plan. None of them had ever tried it before. After an hour of training with the help of a trainer, all members have done the backflip. Afterwards, the adrenaline and endorphin level was very proud throughout the rest of the week. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do a backflip to get the happiness of jumping on the trampoline. Hopping up and down for an hour is enough to send a large portion of serotonin through your body.

4. Set goals

Have you tried archery? Admittedly, archery doesn’t really improve the mood at first. But wait until you have the bow in hand! We tried it for you in Hamburg and found: It’s a lot of fun! Some people shoot with bows and arrows and a switch flips: They get addicted immediately, said Peter Dubbenstein, the founder of With Bow and Arrow. He’s right!

So if you want to escape the winter, you should take a trip to the nearest archery center.

5. Freeze in winter

A cold breeze is said to strengthen the immune system and fight infections: Cryotherapy was developed in Japan in the early 1970s as an alternative to conventional medicine. We know from personal experience that freezing in winter can be good for your mood. With your membership in Urban Sports Club you can check in at dozens of cryotherapy partners all over Germany to harden yourself for 2-3 minutes at -157 ° C. From the point at which the brain goes into survival mode, hormones are released that have a positive effect on our body.

The best part is that the wintry weather feels 100 degrees warmer once you get out of the ice sauna!

6. Try something new

Trying out a wide variety of sports is just one of the advantages of your Urban Sports Club membership. In the beginning it takes some effort to get out of your comfort zone and get involved in something new, but afterwards you will be really proud of yourself. So take a look at your app and be willing to experiment!

We hope that our tips will get you through the last few weeks of winter. If you are not already a member, sign up for Urban Sports Club now.

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