Use everyday objects as fitness equipment

Isn’t it the same for you during your home workout: doing the classic bodyweight exercises becomes pretty boring in the long run !? No need to worry if you cannot integrate classic fitness equipment into your home – regardless of whether for reasons of space or Feng Shui.

Everyday objects that can be converted into fitness equipment in next to no time are hidden almost everywhere. It just takes a little creativity so that what is around you can be used as weight or to support your exercises. Take your workout to a new level!

1. Water bottles as weights

Biceps curls, bench presses and rows are nothing without weights that make your muscles really burn. But instead of panicking because you now have to delete these exercises from your training plan, all you need to do is reach for the bottle – namely the water bottle. Alternatively, milk packs are also ideal to replace dumbbells. In no time at all you can start your training with a 1 kg or 1.5 kg weight.

2. Chair or steps as a box

You don’t have a workout box at hand like you know it from cross training? Then just use a chair or stairs as a substitute for box jumps. However, be careful that the chair cannot slip. This is how you minimize the risk of injury.

3. Thick book as a weight disc

Russian Twists also work without weights, but in the long run they do not have the same effect as with. But there is also a solution for this that is hidden in your bookshelf! A Brockhaus, a dictionary or a thousand-page novel can easily be used as a weight plate. So your lateral abdominal muscles can prepare for something!

4. Cushions for balance exercises

Sofa cushions are particularly suitable here, as they are usually a little firmer and thicker than pillows for sleeping. If you stand on them and do squats, for example, your core stability is even more important. In this way, deeper muscles are also used. Sore muscles are guaranteed here.

Also try out exercises such as lunges, push ups or yoga positions on the pillows. Your sense of balance will thank you!

5. Bathtub or edge of chair for dips

No idea how to train your triceps? Your bathtub or the edge of a chair can replace a cable pull from the gym. Support yourself on your back with your hands on the edge of the bathtub or the edge of a chair. Now bend your arms to 90 ° parallel to the floor until your bottom almost touches the floor and then push yourself up again. The further away you stretch your legs from your body, the harder you train your triceps. So you can determine the intensity yourself.

6. Towel as a slider

Do you want to plank yourself to a new level? Then just grab a towel and train on a floor where the towel can slide easily. Get into the forearm support and now pull your legs towards your hands by pushing your buttocks upwards. And back again. You will quickly notice that your abdominal muscles are starting to burn!

Alternatively, you can take a second towel and put one foot on each towel. In the plank position you can also move your feet apart and back together or do mountain climbers. Experiment a little and feel every muscle in your stomach.

Combine as you like

All of these everyday objects can of course also be combined with other exercises. How about sitting on the wall for a few minutes while exercising your biceps with water bottles? Put together your own workouts – there are no limits to your creativity! You’re sure to find other items around your home that are great for spicing up your workout.

You can find even more inspiration here.

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