How do you find the right music for your sport?

Put on your training outfit, put on your headphones and off you go: No matter whether rock, pop or electro – the right music should not be missing in sports! We explain to you what is important.

If your favorite song suddenly rings out of the speakers in a spinning class, if you hear “this one” song while running or if you hear your personal push song during strength training, it has an impact on you: Maybe you will do one more repetition or pedal a little more energetically to the beat of the music and even have a smile on your face. Yes, music is the perfect motivational booster for training!

Numerous studies even show that the right music can increase your performance while exercising. Assuming the right note makes the music.

How can I use music during training?

Before training

Particularly calm and relaxed sounds will help you to release tension and reduce nervousness and restlessness even before the workout.

During training

During sport, music contributes to the increased release of endorphins and ensures that you feel more excited about the upcoming training. We often associate our favorite tracks with positive emotions such as power and strength.

Further advantages during sport:

  • Your motivation is kept up. In contrast, tiredness and displeasure are delayed.
  • Music lifts your mood again, even if your performance drops.
  • Towards the end of the training, music has a “heating up” effect – it helps you to hold out the last kilometers, minutes or exercises and, in the best case, to be able to give full throttle again.

After training

If you have had a hard workout and want to relax in cool-down again, you can fall back on calm sounds. These help you to lower your heart rate, which has increased during exercise, as well as your breathing rate more quickly and finally to bring you back to a state of rest. Conclusion: you relax faster!

Which music is the right one?

Now you might be wondering how you can choose the right music for your workout from all of your favorite songs?

Basically, music can be used in three ways during training:

  • coordinated with the rhythm of the movement, for example while running
  • as background music
  • to evoke positive feelings or memories

The tempo of a track, expressed in beats per minute, is also decisive ). The optimal value for asynchronous music is usually between 125 and 140 bpm. Since we automatically adapt our movement to the rhythm of the music during sports, it is important that the music be played at an appropriate speed. Music that is too slow can slow you down unnecessarily, while a song that is too fast can put you at risk of overworking.

Familiar and popular songs that you associate with something positive are particularly suitable for the right music during sports. The order and the interplay of calm and energetic songs also play a major role.

However, if you already know how intensively you will train and how many pace and rest phases your training includes before you start exercising, you can put together a suitable playlist in advance.

How can I put together music for my workout?

You should pay attention to this:

  • The tempo of the music (bpm) should match your heartbeat.
  • The bpm rate should also match your movement sequence (such as running). It should always be a little faster.

Motivating music before running at 110 to 150 bpm:

Running with slow music at 80 to 100 bpm:

Fast music while running at 140 to 160 bpm:

Soothing music after running at 95 to 100 bpm:

  • Suitable music has an in-depth melody or pleasant harmony. Major keys (for example in “Haus Am See” by Peter Fox) are more motivating than songs in minor (like some Rammstein songs such as “Engel”).
  • You should be familiar with the song without boring or annoying.
  • Ideally, your music will spread a good mood. The rhythm should make you want to exercise.
  • The music should evoke images in you that motivate you.
  • The music should at best evoke fond memories.
  • The Texts should drive you, such as “R unnin ‘(Loose it all)” or “Y ou got it”. Frequent “Yeah!” Is more of an incentive than an eternal “Oh, no, no!” “.

Let’s go to training and try a new playlist? Perfect! We asked the experts from Teufel and had these song pearls put together to burn off and heat up.

Here you will find the best workouts and playlists for indoor training.

Music in sports is always an absolute asset! Chosen correctly, it can bring you to peak performance and distract you from the agony of training. In combination with it, the workout is even more fun and gives you the decisive motivation boost.

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