BOULDERN – workout for head and body

As a perfect full body workout, bouldering not only makes you fit, but also smart?

Right! Because anyone who has already done the popular indoor sport themselves will notice that you quickly reach your limits if you just start bouldering on it without having to plan the route exactly how you can get to the top with the least amount of effort.

But what sounds like a lone fighter sport at first, quickly turns out to be a sport in which the community idea is very important.

The perfect training for your thinking muscle

Bouldering demands a lot from your brain and is therefore ideal for improving your thinking skills – and not just for choosing the most effective route up. Every step, every grip and every shift in weight can mean that you will not progress as hoped and then at some point have to give up your strength.

“Problems”, as the various degrees of difficulty in bouldering are also appropriately designated, can be considered from different angles. There is much more to it than you might initially assume – to select the right strategy for the respective route in advance, to react flexibly to unplanned events, to rethink and finally to concentrate on the interplay of head and movement.

Those who stick with it and boulder more often will quickly be rewarded with some routine. The current OOHH! -Boulder Cup winners Runa and Simon agree.

In your opinion, the positive mindset plays a major role. It takes a good deal of self-motivation to tackle the bouldering routes.

Bouldering is perfect for clearing your head after long working days and simply switching off from everyday life. The focus is completely on what is in front of you (or in this case above ;-)) you. Because in addition to the strategy, it’s all about the concentration that is necessary to successfully complete your bouldering route (s).

Do you feel like bouldering, but you just don’t know with whom?

This is done faster than you can imagine: When bouldering, you are guaranteed not to be alone for long. Known for a large and warm community, people who share your passion for bouldering are always there. Whether you need help, just want to get tips or get inspiration for your own training while watching experienced bouldering experts: bouldering always means communication. By exchanging ideas with others, you gain in several ways – having fun with others, tackling challenges together, being proud of yourself after brave moves on the wall and being congratulated by your bouldering colleagues.

The two Boulder Cup winners Runa and Simon go even further.

The community idea even makes bouldering and is the reason that most people stick with it and keep coming back.

So why not turn your next dinner date into an exciting bouldering date ?! So you can get to know your friends from a completely different perspective. You will have a lot of fun and conversation – I promise!

Whether as a sport with friends, work colleagues or alone – bouldering lives from its strong community, in which everyone is really welcome. This community almost feels like one big family. This is exactly what makes the trend sport such a popular leisure activity! So if you like to do sports with others and pure muscle training does not challenge you enough, bouldering is exactly the right sport for you!

Take a look at all of our partners who offer bouldering and always find new, exciting bouldering spots – close to home, around the corner from your office or for the next city trip.

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